This powerful motivational program enforces the idea that it is cool to be smart and work hard in school. The program plants positive ideas and offers alternative choices for the youth, so they will think twice before doing drugs, drinking, getting angry, or stereotyping.


  • “One of the best programs to present at this school.”
    Kristy Kinsel, Teacher at Northwest High School
  • “I think it’s the most dynamic, motivational message that I’ve seen presented to young people.”
    Curtis Rosemond, Las Cruces Wal Mart Store Manager
  • “You are doing the youth of our society a great deed, and through your work, you will be rewarded.” Anna Miller, Teacher at Mariposa Elementary
  • “Tank spent time with the students afterwards and this greatly impacted them.”
    Wilma Smith, Principal at Mariposa Elementary
  • “Students really need good role models who are gifted and interested in what they are into. I know you have no idea of the background history of some of the students you talk to and make feel special. There was one student you took a picture with who tried to commit suicide just after school started this year. I saw the student’s face just light up when she stood next to you. Thank you for giving her something special to treasure. If you ever wonder if you are making a difference, I would say that you are.” Anonymous
  • Making a Difference

    Choices is an ongoing program. It includes multiple assemblies, assistance with school advisory committees, community events and special gatherings.

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